Aircraft Tracking

How to Use Aircraft Tracking 

  • Please wait to allow for the map to re-generate with aircraft postions with each screen movement.
  • Zoom into the area of interest
  • Click on the aircraft for details and heading.
  • When you click on a particular aircraft, the path that this particular aircraft has taken is printed on the map.
  • The color of the trail behind the aircraft differs depending on the altitude that the aircraft had at that position.
  • The numbers are in meters. If the aircraft is below 100 meters in altitude, the trail will be white. The route is not transmitted from the aircraft, the route is taken from a database based on the callsign (flight number).


About Aircraft Tracking

Aircraft positions are generally live but may be updated intermittently, old or incomplete and may not represent the current real-time location. Data on aircraft is provided for informational reasons only and is not related by any means to the safety of navigation or commercial purposes and is provided for interest only.

Data for aircraft locations is relayed using the ADS-B Transponders (approximately 60% of aircraft carry these transponders) and hosted by the, Sweden. Data is shared as part of an open, community-based project, however data streaming of aircraft locations is dependant on transmitter location and availability, coverage is approximately 90% of Europe, with partial coverage in USA, Australia and Middle East. Some areas are not supported.

Which Aircraft are visible?

Common aircraft models that are visible on the map (have ADS-B):

All Airbus models (A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A380)

BAe ATP Most new deliveries of Embraer E190
BAe Avro RJ70 Fokker 70
BAe Avro RJ85 Fokker 100
BAe Avro RJ100 Gulfstream V
Boeing 737 Gulfstream G500/G550
Boeing 747 McDonnell Douglas MD-10
Boeing 757 McDonnell Douglas MD-11
Boeing 767 Sukhoi SuperJet 100
Boeing 777 Some newer Ilyushin and Tupolev for example Il-96 and TU-204
Boeing 787

Common aircraft models that are NOT visible on the map (no ADS-B):

ATR-42 Dornier 328
ATR-72 All Embraer models
Boeing 707 Jetstream 32
Boeing 717 Fokker 50
Boeing 727 McDonnell Douglas DC-9
Boeing 737-200 McDonnell Douglas MD-8x
Boeing 747-100 McDonnell Douglas MD-9x
Boeing 747SP Saab 340
All CASA models Saab 2000
All Bombardier Dash models "Air Force One"
All Bombardier CRJ models Most military airplanes

There are exceptions, for example one Lufthansa CRJ900, one LOT ATR-72, one Wideroe Dash, some MD8X from Onur Air, some Saab 340 in Australia, latest deliveries of Embraer ERJ-190, and some private Cessnas are visible.

How to Use FlightStat

You can either look up a specific flight number OR all the flights between two different locations for a single day.

For a specific flight:

  1. Enter the Airline Code (e.g. Virgin Blue is "DJ", Qantas is "QF" etc.)
  2. Enter the flight number (number only without the alphanumeric i.e. remove "DJ" from flight DJ842).
  3. Click on the Orange arrow for flight details.

For all flights from a designated airport:

  1. Enter the Airfield name,
  2. Enter the destination Airfield name.
  3. Click on the Orange arrow for flight details.

Flight details are provided by

Flight information is provided by FlightStats, and is subject to the FlightStats Terms of Use.
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