Aircraft Operating Cost Calculators

Aircraft Tracking

This simple and ready to use map provides LIVE aircraft locations and heading.  Simply search the area of interest and see the aircraft in the area.  Select the aircraft of interest and see the aircraft details with heading, altitude and more.

Note: Not all aircraft are supported for aircraft tracking.

Aircraft Operating Cost Calculator

Do you know what the operating cost of your aircraft is? Use this simple calculator as a guide to estimate your operating costs. Operating costs break down into annual, monthly, hourly and passenger costs averages. The trial calculator provides estimated fuel consumption rates up to the largest of airliners.

Aircraft Finance Calculator

Check your current finance repayment amounts, the total interest paid and the total principle paid for any one single payment period.

Aircraft Finance Amortization Calculator

Looking to refinance? An amortization table informs you of the total loan repayments made, the interest paid and interest outstanding.

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