Major Agreed Routes


Route Plan

Check for Agreed Driving Hours and Distance for Major Routes.

Check the route selected is suitable for the vehicle type (road restrictions apply for certain vehicles sizes).

Allow for delays, detours, queuing, loading, unloading and rest time.

Route not standard? Try Google Maps.

Plan for:

  • Delays
  • Detours
  • Queuing Time
  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Rest Time

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Major Routes per the Road Transport (Long Distance) Award

Major Routes: Road Transport (Long Distance) Award 2010


The following are the Agreed Distances and Driving Hours for major routes per the Road Transport (Long Distance Operations) Award 2010 (Australia only). For clarification of distance and driving hours and the associated driver payment schedules see

Check the type of vehicle can actually travel within the time frame with rests.

(Make sure to add loading/unloading and rest times as a minimum).

From / To Route Kilometers Driving Hours
Sydney / Brisbane New England Highway 950 11.6
Sydney / Melbourne Hume Highway 858 10.5
Sydney / Adelaide Bathurst/Stuart Highway 1367 16.7
Sydney / Perth Broken Hill 4044 47.6
Sydney / Darwin Charleville / Dubbo 3987 46.8
Melbourne / Brisbane Newell Highway 1682 18.5
Melbourne / Sydney Hume Highway 858 10.5
Melbourne / Adelaide Dukes / Western Highway 731 8.9
Melbourne / Perth Western / Eyre Highway 3407 40
Melbourne / Darwin Stuart/Western Highway 3749 44.1
Adelaide / Brisbane Broken Hill / Newell Highway 2015 24.6
Adelaide / Sydney Bathurst / Stuart Highway 1367 16.7
Adelaide / Perth Eyre Highway 2677 31.5
Adelaide / Melbourne Dukes / Western Highway 731 8.9
Adelaide / Darwin Stuart Highway 3019 35.5\
Brisbane / Sydney New England 950 11.6
Brisbane / Melbourne Newell Highway 1790 21.8
Brisbane / Adelaide Broken Hill / Newell Highway 2015 24.6
Brisbane / Perth New England / Newell / Barrier 4314 50.7
Brisbane / Darwin Roma 3417 40.2
Perth / Adelaide Eyre Highway 2677 31.5
Perth / Melbourne Western / Eyre Highway 3407 40
Perth / Sydney Broken Hill 4044 47.6
Perth / Brisbane New England / Newell / Barrier 4314 50.7
Perth/ Darwin North West Coastal 4027 47.4
Darwin / Brisbane Roma 3417 40.2
Darwin / Sydney Charleville / Dubbo 3978 46.8
Darwin / Melbourne Stuart / Western Highway 3749 44.1
Darwin / Adelaide Stuart Highway 3019 35.5
Darwin / Perth North West Coastal 4027 47.4

Long distance operation means any interstate operation, or any return journey where the distance travelled exceeds 500 kilometres and the operation involves a vehicle moving livestock or materials whether in a raw or manufactured state from a principal point of commencement to a principal point of destination. An area within a radius of 32 kilometres from the GPO of a capital city will be deemed to be the capital city.

Refer to the Road Transport (Long Distance) Award for further details at

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