About Freight Metrics

The operating profit of the road transport industry has been under pressure for many years. With tighter budgets demanded by customers, transport operators are under increasing pressure to improve efficiency in operations which increases stress on drivers, logistics managers and transport company owners.

Metrics are performance based measurements used to monitor and report on business operations. Freight Metric's mission is to provide simple methodologies and tools to assist logistics managers and owner drivers with assessment of their costs, methods to monitor costs of operation and standard practice to maintain accurate pricing of work.

Freight Metrics is supported by qualifications in Engineering (Mechanical), Masters of Technology Management (Logistics), experience in road transport industry and experience in international project management in the mining sector.

With a strong interest in the maintenance of a solid, ongoing transport industry, Freight Metrics is committed to providing the essential tools to assist owner drivers and transport operators assess their operations.

Awareness and Education

Freight Metrics provides both transport companies and transport company customers a Freight Rate reference using a common pricing methodology to promote fair pricing in an environment with highly variable costs of operation.

The program is to provide awareness to the transport industry and their customers of the affect of variable costs incurred and a fair and reasonable reference when pricing freight. In addition, information and news to ensure operators and customers understand the current factors affecting pricing in addition to their current obligations.

Towards Sustainable Industry

The Freight Metrics’ calculators provide a simplistic method to assess figures for old and new vehicles to be financed and operated, so that transport operators can assess their charge rates against recovery of operating costs.  Understanding operating costs can assist with promoting new vehicles with lower fuel consumption and newer emission technology.

The calculators provided by Freight Metrics also present a transparent way for transport vehicle owners, operators and customers to clarify that quotes and charges are fair and reasonable.  

In terms of education, the calculators show transport vehicle owner and operators and their customers how changes in operating costs actually affect the bottom line operating cost and their impact on cash flow. Even a small change in fuel can have a large impact on a transport company's ability to continue to operate.

By using a fair pricing structure of actual operating costs with a fair and reasonable margin, it not only ensures that the transport industry remains sustainable but also encourages growth and more importantly, implementation of new technology.

Growth ensures that vehicles can be replaced with new technology, with improved fuel consumption and better emissions while keeping costs within practical and competitive ranges.

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