Historical AIS Data

Billions of position records at your fingertips

Historical AIS data is available since 2009. We have been analysing AIS positions data in relation to port boundaries and have extracted the time of arrival and departure of vessels in ports all around the world.

by MarineTraffic

Historical Data Overview

We deliver historical AIS positions and port calls.
The source of historical data may be Terrestial AIS receivers or Satellite AIS receivers.

  • Data is delivered in CSV format.
  • For each position we provide:
  • For each port call we provide:
  • We may also provide additional vessel parameters, e.g. vessel name, type, dimensions, flag, etc.
  • Time resolution of data depends on a number of parameters at the specific point and time.
  • For a moving vessel you should expect at most an update every 2 minutes.

Apply for Historical data

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You will find all you need right here!

You will also be able to apply for data you are interested in.

If you do not have an account with MarineTraffic, you may register to a free plan here.

Tips for efficient data mining

  • Define the parameters of your data selection as fully as possible.
  • Define whether you are interested in historical positions or port calls.
  • Are you interested in an area? Specify min/max LAT & min/max LON
  • Are you interested in a period of time? Specify Date/Time From & Date/Time To
  • Are you interested in vessels? Specify their MMSI or Name or IMO
  • Are you interested in a port? Specify port namecountry and, if possible, MarineTraffic port ID number.
    (note: the port ID number is included in the URL of the port page.)
  • Specify whether you are interested in data from Terrestrial and/or Satellite receivers.
  • Specify whether you need any additional vessel parameters (e.g. vessel name, type, dimensions, flag, etc.).

Cost of Historical data

Cost is a function of the volume of records delivered and of any extra processing that you may wish us to perform.

  • Example: basic historical vessel positions cost

    number of Vessel Positions entry level cost
    1,000 € 133
    10,000 € 327
    100,000 € 802
    1,000,000 € 1,969
  • Example: basic historical port calls cost

    number of Port Calls entry level cost
    100 € 109
    1,000 € 292
    10,000 € 787
    100,000 € 2,119
  • The above position costs are for data from Terrestrial receivers.
  • Final cost will depend on any additional parameters and/ or additional filtering and processing.
  • Data from satellite receivers has a different price structure and we provide separate quotes.
  • Please submit your request in the form below to receive a quote from us.
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