Satellite AIS Data

Combined Satellite & Terrestrial ship tracking

To cater for increasing demand for global AIS coverage, MarineTraffic brings you Satellite data for deep sea vessel tracking. Satellite AIS data is seamlessly bundled with the data received from our terrestrial station network and allows you to track your fleet around the globe.

September 2014 update: Significant overall service improvement, with six more satellites being incorporated into our constellation.

Satellite AIS

by MarineTraffic

Global Satellite AIS Coverage

The MarineTraffic terrestrial-based AIS network provides coverage of vessel positions in real-time at several thousands of ports and coastal shipping routes worldwide. Satellite AIS data comes as an ideal supplement, allowing you to monitor vessels tracks well beyond coastal regions, including the oceans. The combination of Satellite and Terrestrial AIS gives a unique presentation of the global maritime traffic and provides a daily update of almost the entire global merchant fleet.

MarineTraffic global coverage

Update Intervals

While the Terrestrial AIS service provides near real-time updates of vessel positions at the areas covered by our coastal AIS receivers network, the Satellite AIS service provides position updates less often, at intervals that may vary from a few minutes up to several hours. On average, for vessels sailing at the oceans, equipped with a Class-A AIS transponder, we see one position update per hour.

Subscribe to one of the Satellite-AIS plans and use our Live ship map to follow Satellite AIS position updates with 6 or 12 hours delay. Get a complete list of Midday and Midnight positions at the 'Itineraries history' of a vessel. Notice a significant improvement at the 'last known position' of ocean-going vessels, compared to the Terrestrial AIS data coverage.

Subscription to the Satellite AIS service

MarineTraffic currently offer two Satellite plans, differentiated by the data delay and the size of the Fleet you can monitor without extra delay (you will see the latest positions available in our system). Please select the plan you wish to subscribe to.

If you are only interested in following one or a few vessels via SAT-AIS, check out our low-cost Fleet add-ons.

SAT PRO plan
For maximum intelligence
SAT plan
For global players
Monthly price
for annual billing
SATELLITE AIS COVERAGE Global, with only 6 hours delay Global, with 12 hours delay
MY FLEETS 500 total - of which 50 with undulated 
Satellite tracking
500 total - of which 15 with undulated
Satellite tracking
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