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      Step 1: Documentation and Shipping Charges            
    Shipping Agent Costs
    Seafreight Costs
    Marine Insurance Costs
    Local Port Costs
    Duty & GST / VAT
    (Percentage Value of Goods Value)
    Customs / AQIS clearance fees
    Currency Hedge Costs for Goods Value
      Step 2: Pick-Up / Packing and Sending                        
    Container Hire and Delivery
    Inland Carriage of Goods to Packer
    Container Packing
    Container Cartage Ex Packer to Wharf
    Fumigation / Cleaning
      Step 3: Unpacking and Delivery                                
    Port/Statutory charges at destination
    Customs/Quarantine charges at destination
    Local Valuation if required
    Customs/Quarantine/DEWR Clearance
    Container Cartage ex wharf to depot
    Container Unpack at depot
    Clearance of Personal Effects if packed in car/container
    Delivery at destination (metro area) if required
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    Percentage of Cost
    Documentation and Shipping Charges
    Pick-Up / Packing and Sending
    Unpacking and Delivery
    Total Estimate
    + GST / VAT
    Average Cost of Shipping Goods
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